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BLOG: Ofwat’s market outcomes director, Priya Sinha, provides some insight into finding out who your water retailer is

Posted: 18/08/17

We are receiving calls from customers who are not sure who their water retailer is. In many cases these calls relate to cases where the monopoly water company, who previously supplied them, has decided not to compete as a retailer in the new market. As a quick reference guide for customers who have been affected by a monopoly wholesale company deciding to leave the retail market, we’ve set out where customer accounts were passed to. more

BLOG: Ofwat’s Chief Economist, Alena Kozakova, offers some thoughts on the first weeks of the retail market

Posted: 29/06/17

Almost three months ago and after years of preparation by us, the Government and the industry, we opened the business retail market in water and wastewater services. It is a big step for us and the industry but of course, this is not the first utility market to open. So there is plenty for us to learn from including a lesson not to judge the market too early. I will break with my rule immediately and share some reflections on how things are going. more

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