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You can find out more about the retailers and wholesalers that will be serving the open water market here.

From April 2017, all eligible businesses charities and public sector organisations, regardless of the amount of water they use, will be able to choose who provides their water and wastewater retail services. The exception is if your premises are currently served by a supplier that is based wholly or mainly in Wales. As is current, you will be eligible to choose your water retailer only if you use 50 million cubic litres of water or more per year.

Large users (organisations using more than 5 million cubic litres of water per year) will be able to choose from one of the licenced retailers or make arrangements directly with one of the wholesalers.

water and wastewater retailers

If your water usage is below 5 megalitres per annum,
from April 2017 you may be eligible to buy your water and wastewater services from any of the retail service suppliers.


water and wastewater wholesalers

If your water usage is more than 5 megalitres per annum, from April 2017 you may be eligible to choose from one of the retailers or ‘self-supply’ by working with one of the wholesale suppliers.

third party intermediaries

Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) are organisations and individuals that offer paid for advice and information which may help you buy water for your business.

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