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FAQs - Benefits

Got a question? You may find the answer in the frequently asked questions below. If not, please submit your question and we’ll try to help.

Will I have lower bills?

Whether you save money and the amount you save will depend on the deal you negotiate with your existing, or new, retailer.

As well as considering the price per litre, don’t forget to consider other services your retailer might provide you with, for example how much advice and support you will be given to reduce your consumption or identify leaks on your premises. Customers are encouraged to shop around to find the best deal for them.

Will my retailer offer bundled services and consolidated bills?

Services will vary from retailer to retailer, but bundled services, tailored packages and consolidated bills (receiving one bill instead of many) are just some of the offers that are available.

Will I get help to manage my water usage?

Now that you have a choice of retailer, companies will be competing to offer the best water efficiency and sustainability advice to help retain – or win – your business.

Ask water retailers for information and advice about how your business could reduce its water usage.

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