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Where can I get updates about the market?

You can keep up to date with the latest news about Open Water and the retail water market using this site, which is the official website for the Open Water market. It is impartial and lists all competitors in the market. Retailers are not charged a fee to be listed.

You can also sign up to our update email and follow @OpenWaterOrg on Twitter.

How will you ensure fair competition and ‘a level playing field’ for all retailers?

To operate in the market, all retailers must apply for a licence, the water supply and/or sewerage licence (WSSL). The licence is granted by Ofwat.

Market participants, including retailers are also required to follow a series of market codes that set out the rules for operating in the business retail market – these seek to ensure all retailers are treated fairly and equally. Retailers and wholesalers are also subject to competition law obligations.

Where can I get advice on the retail water market?

You can get help and advice about the retail water market from various places, including the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), organisations that represent your industry or sector, and regional Chambers of Commerce.

There may also be professional consultants that can offer advice and help with the switching process. Third party intermediaries (TPIs) and brokers may also be able to help but they may charge you or the retailers for the service they provide.

You might also want to look at The Water Report’s Customer Guide. This is an independent guide to the market that includes a retailer-by-retailer listing to help you find a retailer that is right for you. Please note that this guide was produced when the market opened in April 2017. Our retailer webpage has the most updated information including any new retailers who were granted licenses since the market opened.

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