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Got a question? You may find the answer in the frequently asked questions below. If not, please submit your question and we’ll try to help.

How do I switch water retailer?

Once you have reached an agreement with a new retailer, they will arrange the switch for you and contact your existing provider. Visit our how to switch page for more information about the switching process.

TIP: When looking to switch retailer, having information to hand, such as your current water usage, current payment method, current bills/charges and supply point identification numbers (SPIDs) will help speed up the process. However, you can still switch even if you do not have that information.

How long does it take to switch?

You can agree a switching date with your new retailer, it can be between six and twenty business days after your new retailer submits the transfer application to your existing retailer.

Under our Business Customer Protection Code of Practice micro-businesses are protected by a seven-day “cooling off” period after they have agreed their contract with their new retailer. The new retailer cannot submit the transfer application until this cooling off period has passed.

You will receive a confirmation once the switch has happened, followed by a final bill from your previous retailer and a first bill from your new one.

Does it cost anything to switch water retailer?


Will my water or wastewater service be cut off during the switching process?

No. Your service will not be interrupted.

Don’t forget that you are only changing your water or wastewater retailer(s), i.e. the company(ies) that bill(s) you and provides support and advice.

The company that physically supplies your water or wastewater services and manages the network of pipes – your water or wastewater ‘wholesaler’ – will not change.

What information can I expect from my retailer?

Each retailer is required, under our Business Customer Protection Code of Practice, to provide a certain amount of information to you with each bill. This includes your supply point identification number(s) or SPIDs, your tariff, how your bill has been calculated and contact details for your retailer.

Is there a comparison website I can use?

Not currently, but it is likely that water will begin to appear on comparison websites as the market matures and more people switch.

Where can I get advice on the retail water market?

You can get help and advice about the retail water market from various places, including the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), organisations that represent your industry or sector, and regional Chambers of Commerce.

There may also be professional consultants that can offer advice and help with the switching process. Third party intermediaries (TPIs) and brokers may also be able to help but they may charge you or the retailers for the service they provide.

You might also want to look at The Water Report’s Customer Guide. This is an independent guide to the market that includes a retailer-by-retailer listing to help you find a retailer that is right for you. Please note that this guide was produced when the market opened in April 2017. Our retailer webpage has the most updated information including any new retailers who were granted licenses since the market opened.

My water supplier is based in Wales but my premises are in England. Can I switch retailer?

Currently businesses, charities and public sector customers who are supplied by a water company based wholly or mainly in Wales (by geographic size), are not able to change their retailer unless they use more than 50 million litres of water per year.

This is because the Welsh Government has decided to adopt a different approach to England. Welsh legislation currently stipulates that only those non-household customers who use more than 50 million litres per year can switch.

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