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Posted: 13/11/20

Covid-19 and the impact on the business retail market

Ofwat and CCW have published a joint statement on their expectations of retailers in their approach to ensuring business customers affected by Covid-19 are treated fairly.

Retailers are expected to provide business customers affected by Covid-19 with a repayment scheme tailored to their individual needs. This way protections offered to business customers are appropriately tailored to the different circumstances facing individual customers.

The statement reads “We expect all retailers to be vigilant to the specific circumstances of their own customers and to make sure that they are really aware of how their customers are being affected by Covid-related restrictions and to react accordingly, putting the customer at the heart of their business.”

During this second national lockdown, if your business has been using less water and Covid-19 restrictions make it hard for your water company to read your meter, it’s a good idea to call your retailer with a reading so they can make sure your bill is as accurate as possible.



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