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Posted: 20/04/17

Finding the best deal in the business retail water market is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Now that the business retail water market is open, has your company or organisation looked into how it might benefit? Water savings, lower bills, tailored services or consolidated billing are a few of the benefits eligible businesses, charities or public sector organisations can find in the market.

Renegotiating a better deal with your current water retailer or switching to a new retailer is easy. Follow these three simple steps to help you find the best retailer for you:

Check your bill

Review your latest water bill to find out exactly how much water you use, how much you pay for water supply and wastewater treatment, your current payment method and the service supply point identification number or numbers (SPID).

Shop around

Talk to your current water retailer and see if they can offer you a better deal and contact other retailers to see if they will beat it – you can find retailers’ contact details here. You can either renegotiate with your current retailer or find a better deal with a new retailer. The choice is yours.

Make your choice

Once you’ve found the best deal for you – dive in! If you choose a new retailer, they will handle the switch for you and let you know when it is done. When the switching process is complete, you will be informed and your current retailer will issue your final bill.

You can also get more information from the Water Report’s Customer Guide, an independent guide to the market, from trusted source The Water Report. It includes a retailer-by-retailer listing to help you find a supplier that is right for you.

There are third party intermediaries who provide advice and information which may help you buy water for your business – though they may charge for their services.


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