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Posted: 10/02/17

Programme update on transition arrangements

Today we have published our Programme update on transition arrangements.

There are a number of transition issues that need to be effectively managed ahead of the expanded Retail Market Opening in April 2017.

In particular, we need to:

  • Give effect to the new legal and regulatory framework (for example, the new retail licences referred to as Water and/or Sewerage Licences (WSSLs), changes to certain conditions of Instruments of Appointment (IoAs) and various codes);
  • Remove and/or revoke the current market arrangements that are no longer required (for example, existing retail licences referred to as Water Supply Licences (WSLs) and current switching processes); and
  • Establish the bodies that will become part of the market governance framework (Market Operator (MO) and Panel).All parties are focussed on final preparations for the market to open on 1 April 2017 (Market Opening). A final decision on Market Opening will be taken by the Secretary of State in early March following the third stage in the assurance process.
  • This update for existing and potential market participants and other stakeholders summarises progress to date, and provides an update on the planned approach to the remaining transition issues and next steps.

Read our Programme update on transition arrangements document for more information.



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