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Posted: 19/05/17

Small businesses invited to seminars in London and Birmingham

As you know, the water market in England is now open for business meaning 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisation can choose their water retailer, and we want all customers to be able to gain from the benefits of the market.

We know many big organisations have already taken advantage of the new market or are looking at the opportunities. But it is really important to us that SMEs know they can benefit, too – finding a better deal by switching or renegotiating with their current retailer.

SMEs seminars in July

To make sure the market is meeting the needs of SMEs, we are holding seminars in July in London and Birmingham at which we would like to hear directly from SMEs about their experiences and understanding of the market, and to tell us about the issues we need to focus on as the market progresses. We will update with event details soon.

We would like to invite SMEs to join one of the seminars so they can find out more about how to benefit from the market and to guide and influence us as we continue to regulate the market.

Please get in touch if you are interested in attending or would like more information.

Also, we are looking forward to working with organisations who are regularly in touch with SMEs and small businesses in the UK. For example, the open water market was featured in Local Business Week, an annual campaign encouraging the UK to get behind local businesses, providing advice, support and ways to grow. Local Business Week is emphasizing how to help SME owners become more aware of the support and guidance that exist for them, especially when it comes to technology and finance — these are two areas SMEs benefit from in the new water retail market.


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