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Posted: 07/06/17

SMEs invited to help shape water market at free seminars

Businesses in England are now able to choose who supplies their water and wastewater retail services – this includes billing, water metering and water efficiency services — in the retail water market. As the regulator, Ofwat wants the market to benefit everyone — from the big companies to the small businesses. To make sure the market is meeting the needs of SMEs, we would like to hear directly from you about your understanding of the market and the potential benefits, how the market is working, and what might make the market work better.

To help do that, we are holding two free seminars in July – in London and Birmingham.


Wednesday 19 July

10am-1pm, including a networking lunch

Friends House, George Fox Room
173 – 177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ, England

Send RSVP by 14 July to:


Monday 24 July

10am-1pm, including a networking lunch

The Studio Birmingham, Imagine Room
7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP, England

Send RSVP by 14 July to:


The seminars will provide an opportunity to:

  • Find out if the market is meeting your needs
  • Discuss any issues, opportunities or successes you are encountering with the market
  • Reflect upon how we are regulating the market and any areas we need to review
  • Identify any obstacles you might encounter when trying to find the right deal for you and find ways to tackle them

We hope you can attend. You will receive a detailed agenda closer to the event. We welcome hearing from you in advance with questions you would like answered on the day.


Future SMEs panel

Following the seminars, we will convene an ongoing panel to inform and challenge oversight of the market. The SMEs’ role will be to provide a clear picture about the opportunities or obstacles they face whilst engaging with the market. Each SMEs panel discussion will cover a specific topic, and everyone who attends the seminars will receive a panel update.

The panel participants will be asked to discuss the open water market with their networks and report back to their colleagues on the panel about any emerging issues or trends SMEs are experiencing in regard to the market.

The panel will meet in London and Birmingham to accommodate the wide range of stakeholders. The meetings will be held quarterly, but perhaps more frequently the first year the market is open (potentially six times) since the market is new and will have emerging news/trends. The panel will have a broad range of representatives across all sectors.

We look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, you can find out more about the new retail market and by visiting or following us on Twitter at @OpenWaterOrg and LinkedIn.



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