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your water, your voice

We want to make sure the market is meeting your needs. If you have any comments or feedback about the business retail water market or Open Water website, we would like to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to complete the feedback form below or alternatively email us at [email protected].

How is the market working?

    How did you hear about Open Water?

    Have you renegotiated a better deal with your existing water/wastewater retailer(s)?


    Please tell us why you chose to stay with your existing retailers(s)

    What additional services and/or benefits do you now receive?

    Have you switched water or wastewater retailer, or both?

    Did you switch both water and wastewater to the same retailer, or choose different retailers?

    How easy was the switching process?

    What additional services and/or benefits do you now receive?

    Do you feel confident with the customer protection you have seen?


    Is there anything else you would like to see from the market?


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