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customer workshop 7 December 2016 - agenda

Ofwat and the Consumer Council for Water are hosting an event on Wednesday 7 December to explain the anticipated benefits of competition – from lower prices and improved customer service to more tailored services, such as water efficiency measures.

The event will be covered live on @OpenWaterOrg from 10.30 am on Wednesday.

Attendees and those joining on Twitter can read, download and print a copy of the day’s agenda.

From 10.00

Registration and breakfast refreshments


Welcome and opening address

  • Claire Forbes, Senior Director for Communications, Ofwat

Short introduction to Retail Market Opening – the largest market of its kind in the world.

  • Adam Cooper, Senior Director, Ofwat for Retail Market Opening

Who will be supporting Customers in the new retail market?

  • Richard Emmett, Communications Manager, Consumer Council for Water

10.50   What are customers thinking now about the market and what could it mean for you?

You will hear a variety of views on the market, from both customers and independent commentators, and the sorts of benefits and improvements business customers will be looking for. What is a national survey of business customers telling us about awareness and current views of the new market? What improvements could the market bring for your members and stakeholders and how should they choose the right retailer for them?

11.50   Break

12.05   Panel and Q & A

  • Tony Smith – Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Council for Water (Panel chair)
  • Adam Cooper, Ofwat
  • Helen Robinson-Gordon, Head of Communications for Retail Market Opening, Ofwat
  • Graham Pontin, Eligibility Lead, Ofwat
  • Jess Keedy, Retail Competition, Defra
  • Tom Notman, Director of Market Engagement, MOSL

Drawing on your questions and queries, this will be an opportunity for you to ask the panel about any aspect of the Retail Market and the Open Water programme.

12.50 Round-up and moving ahead – how you can help

  • Claire Forbes 

A quick look back across the morning and the time to outline what the Open Water partners would like you to do to help increase customer awareness of the market and how we will support you to do it.

1.00     Lunch and networking

Enjoy a well-earned lunch and take the opportunity to talk to fellow delegates before you head for home or the office.

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