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Belleville Brewing, London

Combining fatherhood and fermentation by establishing a micro brewing firm has proved a winning formula for a group of home brewers, after they met at a beer festival held in a local school playground – for adults only, we would stress!

Taking inspiration from the US craft brewing scene, Belleville Brewing started in 2013 and now employs four people, produces 14 different craft beers in keg, cask and cans, and sells at pubs throughout the capital.

A thirsty business

Beer production is a thirsty business. And that is definitely the case for this microbrewery. Belleville Brewing certainly gets through its water – using around 4,000 litres weekly. This all makes for an annual bill from Thames Water of around £2000.

Market awareness

One of the firm’s partners, Adrian Thomas, had heard about the future changes to the water market. It came in a phone call from a firm offering short courses for small business owners on how the changes could affect them.

Eager to stay ahead of the game, Adrian explained that the business is always ready to look at new ideas: “We’ve been growing so quickly we’re always looking at ways to improve and do things differently to keep up with demand. Obviously water’s at the heart of our business.”

Looking for extra

As part of looking to constantly improve Belleville Brewing’s products, Adrian says the business is likely to see what options are out there when the market opens – from keeping prices down to looking at retailers offering to work more closely with their customers.

He went on to explain: “I’m pretty happy with the current water supplier, but keeping the price of our product attractive always has to be a big consideration. If another provider offered something extra that’s more tailored to the needs of a small business like ours, it’s something we would think about.”

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