Waterscan has established itself as a specialist provider of Water Procurement and Self-Supply services, differentiating them from the standard retail offering.

They will continue to work independently on behalf of the water customer either managing water supply tenders for its Water Procurement customers or performing retailer functions including meter reading, transacting in the market, wholesaler management and payment handling for its Self-Supply clients.

Using less water, lowering costs and being more socially responsible are some of the key benefits private and public sector water users experience by adopting Waterscan’s comprehensive approach to water supply and management.

Although classified as a new entrant, Waterscan has over 20 years’ independent experience in the industry and extensive knowledge as a strategic consultant. Now also a licenced retailer, its focus remains the same; to drive innovative ways to reduce customers’ water consumption and costs. Waterscan’s unique dual service offering of Water Procurement and Self-Supply will enable customers to take control of their water supply, assess the choices available to their organisation and make confident, well-informed decisions on maximising opportunities in the new market.

Dominican House
St Johns Street
West Sussex
PO19 1TU

call 01243 839 880

email [email protected]

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