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Monitoring the market

As an eligible business, charity or public sector customer, you want to feel confident that the market and those in it, can be trusted.

Ofwat has a role to protect customers by making sure the market continues to operate in your interests. That’s why the consultation on how the market will be monitored is so important.

In ‘Monitoring the business retail market from April 2017: a consultation’, you can find out about how, following market opening, Ofwat wants to put in place a monitoring framework to establish whether the market is working well and how and when Ofwat can intervene in an appropriate way if it isn’t.

The consultation also explains how information about the market will be made public and why the views and experiences of customers are integral to the monitoring process.

You can view our video and infographic below for more details.

We would welcome your views to the consultation by 10 February 2017.

You can also join us for a special discussion on Twitter on 30 January 2017 between 2 and 3pm using #OfwatMonitors.

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