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Those in the housing and property sector have a particular need to get involved in the business retail water market.

Some of the traditional relationships between property developers and water companies have changed as a result of the market opening to competition.

Ofwat has outlined a number of potential questions property developers might have or could be asked as businesses adjust to the changes. However in the first instance, developers should speak to their geographic water company (wholesaler) and/or any of the retailers in the market about their current and future requirements.

Vacant premises in the business retail water market

It is acknowledged that determining the principal use of vacant premises, which affects eligibility in the business retail water market, is not always straightforward.

Detailed information about the various factors to consider and a guide to determining eligibility is available on our vacant premises page, which addresses this specific issue.

further information

In February 2017 Ofwat published the final version of the market codes ready for market opening. Developers may find the section on building water and new connections useful.

You can find links to the Operational Terms in the Wholesale Contract related to building water and new connections on our further information for property developers page.

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