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Ofwat’s market codes describe in detail how building water and new connections are handled in the business retail water market.

This information is contained within “Wholesale Contract – Schedule 1, Part 3: Operational Terms” in section A.

It should be noted that part of these provisions have been suspended prior to 1 October 2018 – Processes A1 to A5 inclusive, together with the associated Forms (Forms A/01, A/02, A/03 and A/04) and the associated process diagrams set out in Annex A to these Operational Terms, shall come into effect only on and from 1 October 2018.

Whereas, for the avoidance of doubt heading B of this part A and Process A6 (and the associated Form A/05) shall apply both before and after 1 October 2018. Prior to 1 October 2018, and shall be followed by the Wholesaler and the Retailer, in cases where the Retailer has approached the Wholesaler to arrange a connection on behalf of the Retailer’s customer.

The Wholesaler and Retailer shall follow Process A6 for any new connection to the Eligible Premises of the Retailer’s Non-Household Customer. This will include new connections to both new and existing Eligible Premises, at either greenfield sites or brownfield sites. At the end of the process the Wholesaler will either request new Water Services and/or Sewerage Services SPID(s) from the Market Operator or update the information held about an existing Supply Point to show, for example, any new meter which has been installed.

The Wholesaler and Retailer shall also apply Process A6 in respect of a new connection for Building Water in the same way as for any other connection. This will include Building Water for the construction of premises which will ultimately become either Eligible Premises or other premises, including Household Premises, or a combination of both. In any event, any New Supply Point having Building Water will be registered in accordance with the Market Terms.

Process A6 can be found on page 40 of the “Wholesale Contract – Schedule 1, Part 3: Operational Terms”.

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