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If you buy water, wastewater (also known as sewerage) or both services for business premises, from April 2017 you may be eligible to switch to a new retail service supplier to get the best deal.

Retail services include things like reading meters, issuing bills and customer service.

If you are eligible, you will be able to:

  • choose a new retailer for water, wastewater services, or both
  • renegotiate with your existing retailer
  • choose a new price and service package from your chosen retailer

You can start shopping around now – but you won’t officially be able to change your package or retailer until the market opens in April 2017.

Customers with larger water requirements (in excess of 50 million litres per year) may be eligible to ‘self-supply’ by applying for a retail water licence, which will enable them to buy services directly from one of the wholesalers.

will my business be eligible?

In the open water market your right to switch supplier will be determined by a range of factors.

However being eligible to choose who supplies your retail water and wastewater services will principally depend on:

  • whether your premises are used mainly for business, rather than domestic use
  • where your existing water and/or wastewater supplier is based.

If your premises are used only for business and your existing supplier of water and/or wastewater services is based in England, it is likely you will be eligible to switch from April 2017.

Customers in Wales, or whose existing supplier is based in Wales, may only be able to switch if using more than 50 million litres per year.

If eligible, you will be able to shop around to choose a new retail supplier for:

  • water used in your premises
  • wastewater leaving your premises
  • both water and wastewater

find a supplier

Whether you want to contact your existing supplier to renegotiate your deal or find a new retailer to supply your water and wastewater services, details of all of the retailers and wholesalers in the open water market are available in our find a supplier pages.

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