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accessibility on Open Water

If you are having problems using the Open Water website please contact us. You can phone: 0121 644 7696 or email [email protected].

If the information you require is not clear to see try the search function at the top right of every page.

The main menu can also be a good place to start.

Changing how you view Open Water

Internet browsers let you personalise settings to make your browsing more comfortable. You can choose your options to:

  • change the text, image and video sizes on websites you visit
  • changing the colours and fonts used
  • set pages to display with high visual contrast
  • choose your language

You can typically access your settings through the menu bar at the top of your browser.

For more information you can:

Opening documents

Any documents will mostly be available in the common pdf format. You can download and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open pdf documents. Screen reader software users can also convert pdf documents with Adobe’s free online tool.

If you are having problems opening documents please phone: 0121 644 7696 or email [email protected].

Using links

All links on the Open Water website are checked regularly to make sure they are still working. There are three types of links used on the website:

Internal links

Internal links to more information on the Open Water website are recognisable by being underlined text. Clicking an internal link will take you straight to the page.

Contact links

Clicking a contact link will let you send an email to the relevant contact

External links

External links to useful information on other organisation’s websites are usually recognisable by being underlined text with an arrow leaving a square. Clicking these links will open a new tab in your browser bar.

The logos of each programme partner, retailer and wholesaler are also external links.

Reporting problems with links

To report a problem with a link please phone: 0121 644 7696 or email [email protected].

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