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the Discover Water dashboard

The opening of the retail market allows you to take control of how your business uses its water. It also gives you the power to switch retailers if you feel the service you are getting, or the performance of your chosen retailer, is not good enough.

The business retail market also gives business customers and retailers greater influence on the water companies – the wholesalers in the retail market, to perform better.

For all customers, already, the Discover Water dashboard shows how water companies throughout England and Wales are performing.


a sector first

Discover Water is a dashboard of information showing how water companies throughout England and Wales match up.

It allows all business and household customers to see quickly and easily, in one place, how their water company is performing.

A first for the water sector in Europe, the information is presented in a clear, concise and transparent way and covers an extensive range of areas.

discover the truth about water

From the environment and public health to customer service, you can discover more about the whole sector, including:

  • What customers think about the service they receive from their company
  • Where tap water comes from, how it’s treated and what the quality of it is
  • The work being done to protect the environment

As the Discover Water site continues to develop more information will be added. This will allow us all to better understand how, why and what goes into the water coming through our taps.

the water sector at work

The Discover Water website is the successful result of water companies, regulators and the sector watchdog working together. Delivering the information that we are all concerned about, it has been brought together by:

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