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third party intermediaries

Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) are organisations and individuals that offer paid-for advice and information which may help you buy water for your business and broker a deal with a water retailer.

TPIs do not provide your water and your contract will always be with your chosen retailer. Water and wastewater retailers must obtain a letter of authority from a micro-business customer where that customer has a TPI acting on their behalf. Download the letter of authority template.

There are different types of TPIs you can choose to work with. Some are linked to one particular company and others are independent. Common examples of TPIs include:

  • switching sites and comparison websites
  • utility brokers
  • companies offering support to switch

A TPI can approach you about your water use or you can contact a TPI directly. But you should not feel under pressure to use them.

A TPI can help you to:

  • get a better deal for your water
  • switch to a new water retailer

Some TPIs may also be able to provide advice on your water usage, to help you to find the best deal.

Protecting customers in the business market

Third Party Intermediaries are not regulated by Ofwat but the regulator introduced the principles for a Voluntary Code of Conduct to provide those customers who go through a broker to secure their water services with some protection.

Further information on the thinking behind these principles is available here.

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