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Will I have lower bills?

Lower bills, reduced charges or cheaper prices could be a benefit of the open water market for some customers. It will depend on the deal customers negotiate with their existing supplier or when switching retailer.

Will my retailer offer bundled services and consolidated bills?

Bundled services, tailored packages and consolidated bills are just some of the offers retailers can put together in the retail water market.

Will I get help to manage my water usage?

Helping business customers use water more efficiently and sustainably is one of the expected benefits of the open water market. Ask your water retailer for information and advice about how your business could reduce its water usage.

Can residential (or domestic) customers switch?

No. Residential (or domestic) water customers cannot currently switch supplier.

If I have business premises in England and in Wales, can I switch supplier for the whole business?

Whether your business is eligible to switch will depend on where the business premises are and which supplier(s) currently supply the water and/or wastewater services.

The eligibility guide will help you to work out whether your business may be eligible.

How do I find out who my current water or wastewater services supplier is?

You can find out who your current supplier is by checking your most recent water bill.

If you can’t find a bill, or have recently moved to new business premises, any of the water retailers should be able to tell you who your current supplier is.

To comply with the new arrangements for operating in the open water market, principally to ensure fairness, the regional water companies were required to set up separate retail trading arms. However a small number of the regional water companies chose to exit the market and focus on wholesale and consumer services, making arrangements to transfer their customers to other retailers.

There’s a useful guide on this website to help you find out who your current retailer is, and which shows which retailers now serve the customers of any wholesalers that have exited the retail market.

When can I switch?

Eligible customers can start shopping around for retailers or renegotiating with their existing supplier now. But you cannot switch until April 2017.

How does switching work?

Visit our how to switch page for more information about the switching process.

What is a SPID?

SPID stands for Supply Point Identification and will be needed by your new retailer to switch your retail services.

Your SPID can be found on your latest water bill. It will be 8 digits long. You may have separate SPIDs for your water and your wastewater.

For more information about switching supplier, see the how to switch page.

Do I have to use a broker or other third party intermediary?

No. However customers can use a broker or third party intermediary (TPI), such as a comparison website, to help them shop around.

It is important to understand that the best deal may not be found with the help of a broker or TPI. Some retailers may only offer their best deals to customers directly. TPIs also charge for providing their service to retailers or customers.

For more information about switching supplier, see the how to switch page.

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